Lagging In-Game

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Lagging In-Game

“Why am I lagging while playing Talon Tales?”

First, make sure that there are no other applications running that might consume Internet bandwidth. Such as torrent software or other P2P applications. Additionally, check to see that your graphics settings are properly configured. In some cases, lag can be a result of poor graphics performance on your computer, but this can sometimes be remedied through selecting the proper graphics card.

In your GameSettings.exe, check the THIRD OPTION (below Direct 3D HAL and Direct 3D T&L HAL) – which is usually the name of the graphics card you have in your computer (if you have more than one graphics card, select whichever one you would like to run). You’ll usually see your single graphics card listed twice; this is normal. Simply select the first listing of your card and you should be able to properly run the game with its correct performance settings.

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