Hello there!

Talon Tales is a free game based on Open Source software that focuses on a classic Pre-Renewal play style. We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience as you journey through Midgard!

Our staff consists of people with many years of experience in the game. You will find gameplay, events and instances you never imagined possible. We'd like to show you why.

Below you will find more details on what our server is about and what makes us unique. We look forward to seeing you in-game!


A Pre-Renewal environment

Nowadays, the only way to play the game you love is through the Renewal game mechanics. Because we and our community love the classic feeling of the game, Talon Tales keeps its game mechanics Pre-Renewal! That being said, we do wish to stay up-to-date with all the new episodes. And so we did! Successfully. For over 15 years!

Currently running on Episode 14.2, we have converted a lot of Renewal content back to a balanced and enjoyable Pre-Renewal environment. So you can enjoy the latest updates while keeping that classic feeling!

Our unique approach

While the foundation of our server is a classic one, we have blended it with our unique twist of improvements and features! One part of that unique gameplay is our philosophy behind MVP cards. We want you to have them! Players should have access to the most amazing aspects of gameplay, without needing to rely on pure luck to enjoy gaming to its fullest.

Combine that with a mixture of low-weight healing items, accessible events and rewards, and you get a unique style of gameplay that's accessible yet fast-paced and challenging! There's truly something for everyone on Talon Tales, whether you're a new player or an experienced veteran.

Excited yet? Join Talon Tales now! 

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A classic experience...
A Pre-Renewal game environment is not something you see very often anymore. Other servers have long ago moved to a Renewal environment which we believe takes away a lot of the fun in the game. Our classic environment offers the familiar feeling of the old days and encourages party play like no other!
...yet fast-paced gameplay
Classic but fast-paced? How does that even work?! Simple. We let you play with MVP Cards and other high-end items, including our unique Super Quest Items! Accessible to all, these items allow anyone to be strong, without having to rely on impossible droprates. We have designed many unique high-end maps and instances, never seen before on any other server. These will surely challenge even the most experienced players and require perfect party coordination!
No wipes. Ever.
With a server history going back to 2007, years of experience and advanced backups, we can promise you that your characters are safe with us!
Grand-scale Seasonal Events
Dear player... seasonal events are our specialty! We like to celebrate Summer, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc, in a grand fashion! Expect elaborate storylines, unique minigames and amazing rewards. You can celebrate the seasons with us in ways you've never seen before!
Unique end-game items
Our Super Quest Items are unlike anything you've seen before. Experience a completely unique storyline like no other. Play through challenging instances and make your own customizable weapons. The end-game never ends!
Accessible to anyone
Any player, old or new, will be able to get strong quickly. With a unique reward system, including daily rewards and tasks, quests and much more, you'll be knocking down boss monsters before you know it!
Challenging PvP
Our Battlegrounds PvP environment is tough, yet available to anyone! Join a match at any time you like and get free supplies every round you play! Earn rewards by working together with your team and earn more powerful gears as you go!

Unique commands

We have implemented various useful commands to make your in-game life convenient! Here's a small selection of our commands. Use @commands in-game for a more elaborate list!