LUA Errors: Homunculus/Mercenary AI

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LUA Errors: Homunculus/Mercenary AI

“I’m getting lots of LUA errors related to Homunculus or Mercenary AI.”

This is most likely caused by using an outdated Homunculus or Mercenary AI. To initially solve your AI problems, you have to delete your existing AI folder from your Talon Tales directory. After that, go to our Downloads page and download the Mini Installer, which comes with the default AI. Extract this in your existing game folder.

With this, both your customized and non-customized AIs will be using the official AI files. If you wish to start using a custom AI again, we recommend using the latest version (1.56) of AzzyAI. This version is modified to work properly on Talon Tales and our custom updates.

This AI is fully compatible with newer clients. Keep in mind that older AIs such as MirAI are no longer supported. Installing outdated AIs such as MirAI will result in lots of error messages again.

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