Playing at 4k through dgVoodoo

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Playing at 4k through dgVoodoo

“I can’t seem to play on a resolution higher than 2k. The client closes automatically. What do I do?”

Newer gaming setups nowadays often work with higher resolution displays. Resolutions such as 2k or 4k are not uncommon anymore! But… Talon Tales crashes immediately when you try it!

This is due to the game running on DirectX 7 which does not support resolutions over 2048×1536. So now what? You cannot run the game on your fancy new monitor?

In comes dgVoodoo.

dgVoodoo is an API wrapper that takes old APIs (Specifically Glide 2.11, Glide 2.45, Glide 3.1, Glide 3.1 Napalm and all versions of DirectX, DirectDraw, and Direct3D from 1-7, plus Direct3D 8.1) and translates them into more modern DirectX 11 calls. The tl;dr of this is simple: It allows the game to run in full-screen, at resolutions above 2048×1536, and resolves the pesky sprite errors some people experience when running the game.

So how do you use it?

NOTE Due to the way dgVoodoo works (dll injection), several anti-virus programs will flag it as potentially harmful, as does Google’s safe browsing API. However, many people have used this tool and it should be completely safe.

First and foremost. Head to the dgVoodoo site. At the time of writing the URL for that is

Talon Tales currently supports a few versions, but the main version it supports is v2.79.3. If for some reason you have trouble with this version, you may try v2.55.3.

Now open this file with your favorite archive utility such as the default Zip app or 7zip.

Drag the dgVoodooCpl.exe file to your Talon Tales folder, then navigate to the MS folder, x86, and drag the 4 .dll files there into your Talon Tales folder (DDraw.dll, D3Dlmm.dll, D3D8.dll and D3D9.dll).

Now, the default settings more or less work fine, but for a more stable experience you may want to open dgVoodooCpl.exe and see if you find anything in there you know you need to change. You can un-check all the boxes that add watermarks to the output, increase the amount of VRAM for the wrapper output, forced anisotropic filtering, and in order to get Full-Screen working again, re-enable the option to prevent alt+enter from forcing full-screen mode, and enable Fast Video Memory Access. Note: this last option does not work for everyone. Disable it if you run into any trouble.

Now, open GameSettings.exe, and make sure the proper graphics adapter is selected. This should be something along the lines of YOUR_GPU_NAME [dgVoodoo TnL HAL]. Then select the other options you like, such as Play in Full Screen (unless it crashes, then keep this UN-CHECKED), and setting your maximum resolution.

Press Apply and/or OK and fire up the game!

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